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First, thank you for allowing us to serve you and provide the professional and thorough care that you deserve. We want to help improve the quality of your life, and we exercise the best judgement possible to accomplish that goal. If you have ANY questions or concerns along your continuum care, CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY. There is a separate section in this web site for you to contact us confidentially.

Second, medical procedures can be expensive and may be difficult to determine. What we charge for your care might have very little resemblance to what you will pay. Typically, your insurance Company or other payer has already negotiated a discount from sticker. Then, they may or may NOT pay all of that: Sometimes, the patient is responsible for a portion of the negotiated amount, or there is a deductible amount that the patient is required to pay. In addition, here at Advanced Heart & Lung, we will be billing you for only our services. The Hospital will likely have additional charges, or other physicians who support us might have other charges. We encourage you to contact your insurance provider in advance of procedures with us to help evaluate YOUR costs. We are also here to assist you.

Our policy is to assess our patients a minimal charge at the time of your initial services with us. This is to establish that there will be some portion you will likely be required to pay and to make sure we have all appropriate and accurate billing information recorded. The remaining amounts are expected at the completion of your services.

Thank you for the chance to serve you!